LOA is a reflection over Haitian and Lousiana Voodoo, bridging art, anthropology, the experimental and the ancestral. The starting point of research begins with the works of the coreographer, dancer, writer and experimental filmmaker Maya Deren, such as the Religious Possession in Dancing and Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti.

The goal is to explore rituals and music bound to descending cultures of the african slaves, transforming and transporting deities into musical automatons and bodily expression.

This project is a collaboration between Lucifer's Ensemble and the anthropologist/filmmaker Gonçalo Mota.


In The Occult Room the audience can voyeuristically observe the creative process - the life that exists within this Room and contemplate the installation and its nature imbued in a space lived by the ritual.

Everyone is invited to enter this space only during presentations and at a Lucifer Ensemble ceremony, bringing together all the artists involved in this residence.

The Occult Room is a project that traverses sound art, performance and installation.


The Wihsful Fall is an anthology of Lucifer's Ensemble experiences, since the beginning of The Fool's Journey tour to the present.

In their music performance guest musicians are invited to close the circle of conceptual pieces dedicated to subjects of the occult.

The performance takes advantage of presentation spaces, exploring its acoustical properties while adapting a site-specific performance.


In a sparkle of time and space, a cerimony randomly chooses to exist....The Occult Club. Dionysiac nights dedicated to dark music explorations that seek by ritual and ecstasy to achieve transcendence.

The Occult Club collaborates with a host institution to bring a concert/cerimony by Lucifer's Ensemble and one or more performances by invited guests.